• Microsoft And Adobe Team Up On CRM Solution
    Microsoft and Adobe have teamed up to challenge Salesforce in the enterprise CRM market. The new solution, C3 AI CRM, is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Targeted In Phishing Scam
    Microsoft Office 365 users are potential victims of a phishing campaign that claims to be notifying them of a missed chat from Microsoft Teams. The bad actors behind the scam have targeted from 15,000 to 50,000 Office 365 account holders. 
  • IAB Europe's Data Framework Rejected By EU
    EU data authorities have rejected a framework developed by IAB Europe for gathering consent from consumers. Systems of high-velocity data trading are incompatible with security measures demanded by EU law. 
  • B2B Tech Buyers Devour Vendor Content: Study
    Half of B2B tech buyers consume 11 pieces of content before making a purchase decision, according to research by Spiceworks Ziff Davis. Here are statistics from the report. 
  • Insiders: Fox News Project Aims To Push Baseless Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories
    Fox News insiders say that a so-called "Election Integrity Project" is really meant to provide support for and trumpet Trump's baseless election irregularities claims, reports The Daily Beast.
  • The Trouble With Microsoft Services: Opinion
    Microsoft is like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight when it comes to fixing Windows 10 and adding new features. Since June, Microsoft’s services have plunged downhill, starting with Outlook. 
  • UK Department For Education Fails Data Security Audit
    The UK Department For Education (DFE) has lost almost 16,000 confirmed coronavirus case registrations, according to an audit. And that’s not the only issue putting the DFE in possible violation of UK data protection laws and the GDPR. 
  • Yang Urges Voters To Support California Privacy Ballot Initiative
    Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang strongly supports the data privacy initiative now on the ballot in California. “The amount of data we’re giving up is unprecedented in human history,” Yang says. “Don’t you think it’s time we did something about it?
  • Fox News Hosts, Top Fox Execs May Have Been Exposed To COVID
    Lachlan Murdoch, executive chairman of Fox Corporation, and many of the biggest names at Fox News, were potentially exposed to the coronavirus after attending Tuesday's presidential debate, and the network is planning to test its anchors, reporters and staff, reports the NY Times. The list may include not only debate moderator Chris Wallace, but Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Dana Perino, Juan Williams, and the anchor Bill Hemmer. Others, including Laura Ingraham, attended events around Trump's SCOTUS nomination, after which a number of attendees have come down with COVID.
  • New Yorker Offers 'Secret History' Of Kimberly Guilfoyle's 2018 Exit From Fox News
    The New Yorker reports new specifics about the sexual harassment allegations from a Guilfoyle assistant that were reportedly key in Guilfoyle's exit from Fox News in 2018 -- allegations that have to date remained "largely hidden" because of a nondisclosure agreement. Guilfoyle -- now the highly visible finance chair for the Trump campaign who delivered a notably vociferous speech at the GOP convention (and Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend) has continued to deny that she did anything wrong while at Fox News or elsewhere.TNY's Jane Mayer also reports that sources recently told her that Fox News paid the assistant "upwards of …