• Pandemic Has Been Good For 70% Of Mobile Marketers: Study
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a positive for mobile marketers — 70% say so, according to a study by app marketing firm Liftoff. The gaming, shopping and finance categories saw record app downloads. 
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    Research shows that 43% of consumers want to see more videos from online brands. Here’s how to start leveraging video in all your marketing channels.
  • Canada Faces A Long Slog With Proposed Privacy Bill: Analysis
    Canada’s proposed new privacy law imposes fines of up to 5% of revenue for violations, but implementation won’t be easy, experts say. The law would update the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. 
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    The year 2020 is almost over, and few of us will probably miss it. But it was a year that brands went through the process of digitalization. What can we expect on that front in 2021? Here are some prognostications. 
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    Marketing and sales teams have long been siloed. But trends are forcing firms to break down those walls, and to include IT in the mix. Martin Sorrell, S4 Capital founder, explains why.
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    Martech providers have saturated the market. But this presents an opportunity for marketers, says Monaco Ho, chief marketing officer at SOCi.     
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    Californians have voted for a Proposition 24, a new privacy bill that perhaps could be called CCPA 2.0. Here is a rundown of the significant changes.