• Salesforce Posts Respectable Fiscal Q1 Earnings
    During its fiscal first-quarter, Salesforce's revenue grew 30%, year-over-year, CNBC reports.
  • Magic Leap CEO Stepping Down
    Rony Abovitz is stepping down as CEO of Magic Leap, Venture Beat reports.
  • Google Walks Back Work Offers
    Google is walking back an offer to bring on several thousand temporary and contract workers, "The New York Times" reports.
  • Do Google's Discovery Ads Threaten Facebook?
    Marketing Land suggests that Google's new Discovery ads are targeting budgets that normally go straight into Facebook's coffers.
  • What Apple's Fraggle Rock Deal Means For TV+
    The Verge contemplates Apple's acquisition of Fraggle Rock's content library, which it suggests signals a shift for TV+.
  • Apple Grabs Machine-Learning Startup Inductiv
    Apple just confirmed the acquisition of machine-learning startup Inductiv, Bloomberg reports.
  • Facebook Insiders File Whistleblower Complaint To SEC
    A group of Facebook "insiders and critics" just filed a confidential whistleblower's complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission, The Washington Post reports.
  • Facebook Sidelined Research About Its Polarizing Effects
    Mark Zuckerberg and other top executives at Facebook sidelined the company's the research into its polarizing impact on society, sources tell The Wall Street Journal.
  • TikTok Parent Surpasses $3B In Net Profit
    Last year, TikTok's parent ByteDance made more than $3 billion of net profit on over $17 billion in revenue, sources tell Bloomberg.
  • Google Says Most Bugs In Chrome Related To Memory
    Google says that about 70% of all serious security bugs in the Chrome codebase are related to memory management and safety, ZDNet reports.
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