• Trump Administration Attacks GDPR
    The Trump administration is upping its attacks on the GDPR, citing what it calls overly restrictive rules. It also claims that GDPR has made WHOIS, a database of domain name owners, less effective in fighting cybercriminals. 
  • Amazon Prime Video Debuts 'Watch Party' Co-Viewing Feature
    Amazon Prime Video is rolling out "Watch Party" -- a new co-viewing feature for Prime members, TechCrunch reports.
  • Is Parler Really Supporting Free Speech?
    Despite promoting itself as a champion of free speech, Twitter clone Parler is taking down content and shutting down accounts, Techdirt reports.
  • Netflix Investing 2% Of Cash Hosting In Black Communities
    Netflix will devote 2% of its cash holdings to financial institutions and organizations to "directly support Black communities in the U.S," CNBC reports.
  • Can Parler Take On Twitter?
    CNBC takes a closer look at Parler, a social media app that a growing number of conservatives are using in place of Twitter.
  • Pinterest Lawyers Up Amid Accusation of Racial Discrimination
    Following accusation of racial discrimination by former employees, Pinterest has hired a team of outside lawyers to investigate the company's workplace culture, Bloomberg reports.
  • Sources: Facebook Has Repeatedly Changed Policy To Accommodate Trump
    With the help of more than a dozen sources, The Washington Post delves into Facebook's efforts to accommodate President Trump, going back to 2015.
  • Microsoft Permanently Shuttering All Retail Stores
    Microsoft has decided to permanently close all of its retail locations, CNBC reports. "It will instead focus on its online store at Microsoft.com, where customers can go for support, sales, training and more," it writes.
  • YouTube Testing TikTok Clone
    YouTube is testing what TechCrunch considers to be a potential TikTok killer, which will let users record 15-second long multi-segment videos.
  • Google Adds Group Calling To 'Meet' And 'Duo'
    Google is adding support for group calling in Google Meet and Duo, The Verge reports.
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