• Fox News Layoffs Hit Research, Straight News Ops Hardest, Reports Daily Beast
    The recent layoffs of an estimated 70 staff at Fox News "cut most deeply into the channel's straight-news operations at Fox News Digital and elsewhere, according to insiders, while protecting the ratings-heavy, revenue-generating domains of Fox & Friends in the morning, and of Trump cheerleaders Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham in primetime," claims a Daily Beast article. The co-authors are editor-at-large Lloyd Grove and Diana Falzone, an on-camera reporter for Fox News from 2012 to 2018 who settled a gender discrimination and disability suit against the network in 2017 and left Fox in 2018.
  • Why Privacy Advocates Oppose The CCPA
    The California Consumer Privacy Act was deemed a tough new law. But privacy advocates want to put a new bill, the Privacy Rights Act, on the ballot. Wh
  • Google Drive Hit With Outage In The U.S.
    Google Drive suffered an outage on Tuesday, preventing users from accessing their stored files — they mostly saw a spinning wheel. The impact was mostly felt in the U.S.   
  • B2B Marketers Should Rely On First-Party Data
    New rules are affecting the way marketers use targeting data. In B2B, first-party data is the best asset when conducting digital campaigns. 
  • YouTube Hit With $3 Billion Suit Over Alleged Use Of Kids' Data
    A class-action lawsuit filed in the UK accuses YouTube of breaking UK and European data laws by targeting children. In addition, it seeks $3 billion.