• Malware Criminals Attack Hospitals With Fearware, Show They Are Faster To Adapt Than Legit Firms
    Cyber criminals have adapted to the “new normal” during the pandemic and are showing they more nimble than legitimate companies. For example, there has been an increase in “fearware,” with ransomware attacks that target hospitals.  
  • How Does Design Studio Figma Plan To Spend $50 million?
    Forbes takes a closer look at design software startup Figma, and how it plans to spend the addition $50 million it recently raised.
  • Twitter Updates API For COVID Tracking
    Twitter is updating its API to help developers and researchers study the public conversation around COVID-19 in real time, TechCrunch reports.
  • Facebook Expands Photo-Transfer Tool Launch
    Within the US and Canada, Facebook is expanding the launching a new tool with which users can transfer photos and videos to Google Photos, The Verge reports.
  • Zuckerberg Consolidates Control Of Facebook
    Following several departures from Facebook's board of directors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sought to consolidate his control of the company, The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Samsung Sees Declining Quarterly Profits
    Samsung expects profit to decline in the current quarter due the pandemic, Reuters reports.
  • Google Makes 'Meets' A Free Service
    Google will no longer charge users to access Meets -- its video conferencing service, ZDNet reports.
  • Windows 10 Devices Can Now Be Managed Through G Suite
    Google has rolled out a feature allowing users to manage Windows 10 devices through G Suite. The enhancement, launched in beta in January, has been in the pipeline for almost two years.  
  • Twitter Users Lose SMS-Based Tweet Alerts
    In most countries, Twitter is no longer letting users receive tweet alerts with SMS messages, The Verge reports.
  • Tech Giants Turning Pandemic Into Gold
    The Washington Post's Elizabeth Dwoskin explains how the COVID-19 crisis is proving to be a golden opportunity for tech giants to expand their power and vast fortunes.
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