• Clinton, Sanders Highlight Differences At CNN South Carolina Town Hall
    It has been made clear in the past few debates, that both Democratic candidates agree on a wide rage of policies. But the differences are being continuous litigated. Both candidates agree that “the criminal justice system needs to be reformed, college should be affordable, heath care should be accessible for all.” The candidates made their cases for their policy plans at CNN's South Carolina town hall meeting last night.
  • Inner Circle Koch DC Advisor Joins Rubio Team
    The top Koch brothers’ advisor in Washington, Marc Short, is to join Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign as a senior advisor. The move is one of the many clear signs that the GOP establishment is finally willing to wholeheartedly support the Florida Senator’s bid to dethrone Trump as the GOP nominee. Marc Short is the president of Freedom Partners, the Koch’s octopus-like political organization with deep connections throughout the conservative world.
  • Cruz, Trump Have The Strongest Cash Reserves Ahead Of Super Tuesday
    Over the past seven months of the GOP primary, about $220 million has been spent to yield a field dominated by Donald Trump, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Trump and Cruz, however much they may be despised by the party’s big donors, are in the strongest position to spend heavily in Super Tuesday states. Cruz is the best-financed candidate in the GOP race, with $13.6 million on hand at the beginning of February. Trump has both lent his campaign millions of dollars, and received a million in small donations -- he won’t run out anytime soon.
  • The Remaining Presidential Field Is Remarkably Diverse
    It is becoming increasingly likely that our next President will be either “a woman (Clinton), the first Hispanic (Rubio or Cruz) or the first who is Jewish (Sanders). Or it will be Donald Trump.” The stage is set for history in the making -- the winner will either be the first from a new social group, or it will be a candidate who has defied all the laws of electoral politics.
  • What Are The Top Spotify Songs For Republicans, Democrats and Independents?
    With over 7 million Spotify account holders who also appear on voter rolls, Bloomberg Politics took a look at what each political denomination listens to. The No. 1 hit for Democrats is Rihanna’s song "Work" with Bieber’s "Sorry" and "Love Yourself" taking second and third spot. On the Republican side, Justin Bieber took top spot as well as third place, with The Chainsmokers’ Roses in between. Bieber was at the top of the list for Independents, too.
  • Mitt Romney To Endorse Marco Rubio
    Mitt Romney, GOP presidential nominee in 2012, will endorse Sen. Marco Rubio for president. In an apparent sign of respect for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Romney delayed his endorsement by a few days. Considered the most high-profile endorsement of the race so far, Romney’s support is additional proof that the GOP establishment is ready to back Marco Rubio.
  • Hillary Clinton Gets The Win She Needed In Nevada
    Hillary Clinton won the Nevada caucuses, beating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by a comfortable 5.5 point margin. Voters in minority-heavy neighborhoods largely supported Clinton, despite Sanders having campaigned heavily in the state. The Democratic primary now moves on to South Carolina, where Clinton holds a large lead in the polls.
  • Pro-Cruz Robocall In S.C. Attacks Trump For Speaking Against Confederate Flag
    In the days leading up to the South Carolina GOP primary, a pro-Cruz super PAC released robocalls criticizing Donald Trump’s support for speaking out against the Confederate Flag. This case exemplifies Cruz’s extreme conservatism, which may be especially attractive to Southern Republicans. The calls failed to significantly dent Trump’s support in S.C.
  • Despite Suspending His Campaign, Jeb's Super PAC Still Attacking Rubio On TV
    Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise USA, continued to air anti-Rubio ads in Nevada 12 hours after their candidate bowed out of the race. The ad aired, titled “Same Resume,” makes attempts to show similarities between President Barack Obama and Marco Rubio. Bush had a significant presence in Nevada, with two campaigns offices and the ad buys that were seen yesterday. A Right to Rise USA spokesperson said that they are asking stations to pull the ads.
  • Mark Cuban Compares Ted Cruz To Joe McCarthy
    Well-known businessman Mark Cuban said on the Rita Cosby show: “I think [Ted Cruz] is Joe McCarthy reincarnate.” McCarthy, a Wisconsin senator in the 1950s, whose blacklist tried to to list all “communists” living in the United States, especially targeting those in government, entertainment, education and unions. Cuban was also critical of Cruz’s actions that caused the government to shut down. As a Republican, Cuban noted his favor for Rep. Paul Ryan, the current speaker of the House.
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