• New Poll Shows Trump With 0% Support Among African Americans
    A new poll from PPP (Public Policy Polling) shows Trump with 0% favorable rating among African American voters. The poll also asked whether respondents preferred bedbugs, junk mail, carnies, bubonic plague and middle airplane seats to the GOP nominee. Trump came in second to all.
  • Trump To Visit Mexico, Meet With President Pena Nieto
    Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton received invitations to meet with the Mexican President Pena Nieto. Trump decided to quickly take him up on the offer. The meeting will happen today at the presidential palace in Mexico City. The meet comes prior to an address Trump will make in Phoenix later in the day, where he is expected to clarify his wobbly positions on immigration.
  • Rubio, McCain, Wasserman Schultz Win Respective Primaries
    Sens. Marco Rubio and John McCain have come through their primary cycles unscathed. McCain, who had been critical of Trump, faced a primary contender from the right, while looking for a sixth term in office. Rubio will face off in the general election against Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy in a contest that is expected to be among the most expensive in the country. Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz retains her seat, too.
  • Hackers Breach Election Systems In Illinois And Arizona
    According to state elections officials and law enforcement, hackers have breached election systems in the states of Illinois and Arizona. Hackers accessed a database of the Illinois Board of Election containing over 200,000 voter records. While officials with the Illinois Board of Elections are “highly confident [the hackers] weren’t able to change anything,” the investigation is still ongoing.
  • 25-Year-Old Siphons $1 Million From Trump Supporters Through Fundraising Scam
    A 25-year-old from Maryland has raised around $1 million by promising a dinner with Trump to citizens who donate to his PAC. Ian Hawes, the self-styled “registered genius, board-certified hacker and grape-soda connoisseur,” believes he has done nothing wrong. He has also spent $0 in support of Trump. Donors are understandably upset, but there is not much they can do. Hawes has reported all the donations to the federal authorities. Hawes is also offering refunds for those who ask for them.
  • Trump To Make Foray Into Black Churches With Detroit Visit
    While Donald Trump has started to tout his policies to deal with the economic difficulties faced by minority groups in the United States, he has yet to address those groups face-to-face. That is about to change. He will speak to Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit this coming Saturday.
  • Donald Trump Launches New $10 Million Ad Buy
    With a new ad focusing on the economy, the Donald Trump campaign is planning the largest ad buy yet for his campaign. The new buy is over $10 million and is placing TV spots in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, where Trump is already on the air -- and adding New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada to the mix.
  • Clinton Buries Trump In Negative Advertising, Frames Trump Conversation
    Hillary Clinton has overspent Trump in advertising by a huge margin, causing many Republicans to correctly fear the Democrats are the ones framing the conversation about Donald Trump. As such, Trump is starting to ramp up ad spend, and there may be a slight chance he can reverse the rhetoric against him. Still, the anti-Trump machine has been in high gear for a while now, and it won’t be halted with a couple ad buys here and there.
  • Political Spending On Snapchat Rises
    As the candidates for president increasingly court young voters, Snapchat has seen a hefty amount of advertising dollars to target its audience. According to Nielsen, Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year-olds in the United States. That's a demographic which will be crucial for Hillary Clinton, thought it's also disillusioned with the federal government, a sentiment Trump could rally.
  • Gary Johnson Super PAC Ads Hit The Air
    Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson has received support from a super PAC, which started to air cable TV ads that plan to run for 10 days. Johnson is vying to hit 15% in the polls, which would qualify him for the presidential debates coming up in September and October. Purple PAC, run by former Cato Institute president Ed Crane, is spending $1 million on the ads.
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