• Google News Requires Pubs To Disclose Country Of Origin
    In an effort to create greater transparency over propaganda and disinformation campaigns by foreign powers, Google has created a new rule requiring publications to disclose their country of origin to be indexed in Google News results. Stories that do not disclose their national origin will be stripped from its results.
  • FEC Requires Public Disclosure On Political Ads On Facebook
    While the media industry was consumed by the FCC's vote to repeal "Net Neutrality," another ruling by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) slipped by that has implications for political media-buying and advertising. The commission ruled that political ads with images or videos posted on Facebook must include "disclaimers" disclosing who paid for them.
  • Scammers Use Political Ads On Facebook To Distribute Malware
    ProPublica expose finds political ads on Facebook were actually scams loaded with malware.
  • How ProPublica Monitors Political Ads On Facebook
    In an innovative mix of crowd-sourcing and machine learning technology, ProPublica has built a tool enable Facebook users to automatically send it political ads displayed in their news feeds.
  • CNN Analyst Pulls Fake News Post About Denzel Washington Attacking Obama
    CNN analyst Harry Houck apologized and deleted a fake news posting on Facebook after Media Matters reported he shared the story with his followers. The story, which fabricated quotes and used an image of actor Denzel Washington criticizing President Barack Obama as "criminal-in-chief," was proven to be a concocted, fake news report.
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