• Original 'Daily Girl' Features In Hillary Clinton Ad
    The star of one of the most notable political ads ever, “Daisy girl,” is making a reappearance in a 2016 Hillary Clinton ad. Mirroring her 1964 ad, which addressed the fear of nuclear war, Monique Luiz speaks of her surprise that 52 years later, the fear of nuclear war has not disappeared. Especially in light of Donald Trump’s troubling comments about nuclear weapons, the ad raises the fitness for office question.
  • Darrell Issa: If Clinton Asked, I'd Advise
    Republican firebrand in the U.S. House Darrell Issa, who spent most of Obama’s presidency as a strong opponent of the Democratic executive, has softened his tone as he is on the cusp of losing his California House seat. When asked about his decision to join Trump’s national security team, he responded: “I would’ve said the same thing if Hillary Clinton’s people had called me the same day.”
  • Political Advertising Is Boon For Meredith Earnings
    Political spending increased from $14 to $16 million for Meredith Corp.’s TV assets in the first fiscal quarter of 2016. The increase made up for a 6% drop in non-political advertising. Despite fears that low TV spending, particularly from Republican nominee Donald Trump, would hurt the bottom line, that has not been the case for Meredith.
  • Pence Plane Overshot Runway At LaGuardia
    A plane carrying Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence overshot a runway at LaGuardia last night. In the heavy New York rain, the plane ended up in a green patch around the runway, after traveling through an “arrestor bed,” a type of crushable concrete. No one was injured, according to authorities.
  • Trump Claims Releasing 'Access Hollywood' Tape Was Illegal
    Questions raised from the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape in which Trump boasts about his sexual misconduct have not stopped dogging the Republican nominee. He told Bill O’Reilly in an interview that: “It was locker-room talk, the microphone was not supposed to be on -- not that I make that as an excuse for myself, but certainly it was an illegal act.”
  • Michelle Obama To Join Hillary Clinton In North Carolina
    One of the most effective surrogates for Hillary Clinton this cycle has been First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama will be joining Secretary Clinton in North Carolina, one of the most hotly contested states. A win in North Carolina would seriously hinder Trump’s chances of picking up 270 electoral votes.
  • Justice Clarence Thomas: Washington Is 'Broken'
    Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reiterated the sentiment that many across the country are feeling -- that our government is “broken.” “This city is broken in some ways,” Justice Thomas noted. “At some point, we are going to have to recognize that we are destroying our institutions.”
  • 6 Newspapers That Endorsed Donald Trump
    With by far the lowest number of newspaper endorsements of any presidential candidate in living memory, Donald Trump has nevertheless convinced these that he’s the man for the job: St. Joseph News-Press, Santa Barbara News-Press, Waxahachie Daily Light, Times-Gazette in Hillsboro, Ohio, Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Antelope Valley Press in Palmdale, California.
  • Voter Intimidation Planned At The Polls By Trump Supporters
    A pro-Trump group dubbed the “Vote Protectors,” organized by Roger Stone, plans to have volunteers placed in nine cities with high minority populations on Election Day. The group has created an ID badge for volunteers to wear and plans to have the poll watchers conduct fake exit polls.
  • Karl Rove Doesn't Think Trump Can Win
    Karl Rove, chief advisor to Republican president George W. Bush, told 'Fox News Sunday' that he doesn’t think Trump can win. “I don’t see it happening. If he plays an inside straight, he could get it, but I doubt he’s going to be able to play it.”
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