Revenue Science Adopts New Moniker

Jeff Hirsch of Revenue ScienceRevenue Science has been remanded AudienceScience in an effort to better describe the company's focus in behavioral targeting, according to President and CEO Jeff Hirsch. The Web site, which debuted Friday, reflects the change.

"AudienceScience tells more about how we fit in the marketplace," Hirsch said. "It's interesting to try and expand on the brand rather than lose the cache we built."

The focus remains on an ad targeting platform and marketplace. Changes in the management structure are not planned, Hirsch said. AudienceScience, New York will continue to support the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and develop behavioral targeting standards to define the process and correct ways to use data.

Most projects will continue to center on understanding audiences to target people, rather than places. While the model seems to have taken an interesting twist since being founded in 1999, the company has always been focused on data. It began with analytics and changed slightly in 2003, along with the name.

That's when the company began offering behavioral targeting technology to publishers. The model provided publishers with the technology to increase the value of their inventory. While the technology supported the foundation, in mid-2006 the company added a behavioral targeting marketplace--a network to sell directly to marketers.

Today, about 40% of company employees remain focused on research and development, and technical operations.

The company will continue to hire. On Friday, AudienceScience said it named Danielle Stone to senior sales executive. With the growing demand for behavioral targeting solutions in the advertising industry, Stone will focus on building long-term relationships. She joins the team from Commission Junction, a division of ValueClick.

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