Déjà Vu: Dapper Reminds Consumers Of Previous Ads

Behavioral Remessaging Dapper is expected to announce today the launch of Behavioral Remessaging, which retargets audiences on other sites with live offers from marketers whose Web site they have recently visited or whose ads they have recently seen.

This will enable advertisers to reach out to prior visitors to their sites with offers updated to reflect current market conditions such as changing prices or new product features or entirely new offers, said Dapper Marketing Head Paul Knegten.

"It not only reminds visitors that they had seen an earlier ad or offer of interest, but that the offer still stands or perhaps has gotten even more attractive," Knegten said. "Since we can create a limitless number of ads from one creative, audiences could see the exact same ad on another site or a different offer from the same marketer -- down to the exact product the visitor was looking at on the marketer's Web site."

The "remesagged" ad is served based on cookies stored in the user's computer from the previous viewing, and since Dapper doesn't control the media directly, cannot offer an opt-out. "But users can most certainly delete their cookies to prevent being remessaged," Knegten said.

Dapper differs from other retargeting by enabling marketers to have greater flexibility with follow-up offers, he said. Ads are created dynamically without any client IT involvement by drawing on creative elements pulled from a marketer's own Web site, from product inventory data, or any kind of informational database.

For example, an airline could show you the actual flight you were looking at with updated pricing and availability, or an automaker could show you a feature you hadn't explored on your visit to his site, Knegten said. The company has created a video to explain the process, which it is sharing with clients. It is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXr18h6tqUQ

Dapper has tested the technology with "a major retail shopping comparison site" that Knegten declined to name. "The results were that when we showed the product the consumer was looking at, the ad performed (CTR-wise) 800% better than when we showed a generic (top 10) product," Knegten said. "We have several clients in the pipe that will likely be launching in April or May."

Dapper was founded by Eran Shir and Jon Aizen in late 2005, and has received $6 million in funding from Accel Partners. The company has offices in San Francisco and New York.

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