FetchBack Launches Ad Generation Technology

  • March 31, 2009
FetchBack has launched what it is claiming is the first dynamic ad generation technology that works within an ad-serving platform.

FetchBack's Dynamic Ad Serving technology can create an infinite number of display ads, while simultaneously serving them through its own ad server. Other organizations also offer dynamic ad generation -- however, none are able to then also serve those ads to customers, acording to the company.

As Web visitors of FetchBack's clients browse the Web, FetchBack's technology recognizes them, remembers what products they viewed while on the client's Web site and within a fraction of a second dynamically generate an ad -- and then at the appropriate time serves those ads to that customer featuring those products. The result is an ad that is relevant to the Web browser, and increases return conversion rates by as much as 21% while yielding an ROI of more than 900%, according to the company.--Tanya Irwin

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