Study Finds Latinas Ambitious, Nurturing

Latina girlMillions of words and much brain power have been spent trying to figure out what women want. Telemundo Communications Group and Meredith Hispanic Ventures are taking their stab at it (with their own spin) with a new "What Latinas Want" study.

"They're very ambitious," Telemundo chief operating officer Jacqueline Hernandez tells Marketing Daily. "And they're very busy taking care of themselves and family."

That familial focus led Hernandez to describe Latinas as the Chief Household Officer. According to the study, more than 80% of Latinas are the primary decision makers for the family, or make decisions in concert with their spouses. They also place greater importance on their relationships with their parents (65% versus 55% of general market women) and taking care of their aging relatives (42% versus 27%).



"She wants to be a superwoman, and she will put family obligations at the forefront," Hernandez says. "They want more not just for themselves, but for their families."

Latinas are also looking for female role models. "She wants to see women in power, even more so than general market women," Hernandez says. "These are very aspirational and inspirational women who came here -- or their parents came here -- to pursue a dream."

As such, Latina women are heavily influenced by -- and want to see -- women in positions of power, much more so than general market women, Hernandez says. Priorities such as getting a higher education and a career (80% and 72%, respectively) trump getting married (50%) as an important goal for Latinas.

To reach these consumers, marketers should "tap into these aspirations," Hernandez says. "Marketers need to find a voice that is special to her. She wants to be spoken to in a way that has cultural relevance, not just general market messages translated into Spanish."

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