Church's Chicken Pairs Twitter, Good Works

Church's What do Twitter, hip-hop, tradition, family, fellowship and good works have to do with fast-food chicken, or each other? They're all elements of new marketing efforts from Church's Chicken.

In a single week, the QSR has launched a new advertising campaign, a Twitter presence, and a "pay it forward"-type promotion to incentivize consumers to follow the brand on the social network.

The QSR's ad campaign -- themed "You Know What Good Is" and featuring interviews with real Church's fans in an urban setting -- looks to expand on the success of 2007's "I Know What Good Is" brand initiative. The commercials are backed by a track of an urban remix of the original "I Know What Good Is" jingle.

Viewers will see those two phrases, plus the question "Do You Know What Good Is?," throughout the campaign as a means of "empowering the consumer and engaging them to be proud of their brand loyalty," said Sean Salas, president and CEO of The Cartel Group, Church's agency of record.



The urban, "no frills" style of the advertising is aimed at Church's secondary but growing customer base -- multicultural urban youth. However, the brand is not looking to appeal solely to the youth audience. In fact, interviewees were chosen to depict the "multi-cultural and cross-generational rapport" among the brand's fans, and the advertising seeks to convey "family and fellowship" and a sense of tradition, along with value and quality, the chain reports.

Church's performs in-depth consumer research each year to make sure that the brand's marketing strategy and messages are relevant and aligned, and value, family/fellowship and quality are the continuing strategic value "pillars" for its customer base, noted EVP and CMO Farnaz Wallace.

The "good" theme is also being carried into Church's new Twitter presence, another channel for expanding relationships with urban youth in particular.

Its Twitter launch promotion aims to attract at least 10,000 followers over the next 30 days. For each follower who joins, Church's will add $1 to its pledge fund. The chain will give away $1,000 to individuals living in 10 as-yet-unrevealed markets, for a minimum pledge of $10,000 (although the amount could end up being "thousands more," according to the company).

The promotion also asks Church's followers to show "what good is" by uploading their own "random acts of goodness" on Twitter (via tweets, video, podcast or photos), and to offer suggestions as to which market should get the next $1,000 giveaway.

Church's has 1,600 locations in 21 countries and system sales of nearly $1.2 billion.

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