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80% of Twitter Traffic Comes from Third Parties

The Guardian has some interesting stats about Twitter, which were disclosed by Evan Weaver, Twitter's lead engineer in its services division, who gave a talk at QCon 2009.

-The average Twitter user has 126 followers

-Only 20% of Twitter's traffic comes through the Twitter Web site; the other 80% comes from third-party programs on smartphones or computers. This means that if you're looking at only generated stats on your Web site, you may be underestimating the source of that traffic by a factor of five.

-During President Obama's inauguration in January, more than 300 tweets per second were being added to the message queue.

Weaver's talk was mainly about how Twitter started out as a sort of content management system, but later morphed into more of a messaging system. His job centers around optimization and scalability, which couldn't be more important to a site that has experienced the kind of growth that Twitter has.

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