Razorfish - MillerCoors, "Project: Cold"

MillerCoors, "Project: Cold"

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As history has proven, in difficult economic times, we Americans find solace in our booze. That in mind, Razorfish had the Key Beer Drinker demographic, dudes 28-41, directly in its crosshairs with its "Project: Cold" campaign for Coors Light. Greeted by a giant, rotating "cold-activated can" of Coors Light, visitors can learn all there is to keeping their brews frosty. In the sly "Know Your Cold" section, animated videos narrated in a Maxim-worthy fashion educate on how to properly pack for a tailgater and how to create an ice bath in your washing machine. Even better, those KBD dudes can submit their own how-to-keep-beer-cold experiments to the site (one creative individual hailing from Macon, GA suggests submerging one's can in a giant block of orange gelatin).


Razorfish: Tim Sproul, creative director; Kristin Waldram, account director; Marie Murphy, associate creative director; Paul Bjork, designer; Jered Cuenco, senior presentation layer developer; Carl VanderZanden, senior copywriter; Thomas Rebholz, senior developer; Megan Anderson, account supervisor; Ben Brewer, senior presentation layer developer; Jason McKoskery, senior presentation layer developer; Stephen Spencer, designer; Jeff Paul, associate creative director; Laura Wilson, Project Manager.

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