Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - SPRINT, "Sprint Now"

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
SPRINT, "Sprint Now"
Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

When the "Sprint Now" banner begins, it's already an elegant visual treat. But the interactivity is where the ad really amazes. An extension of their similarly impressive "Sprint Now" Web site, the banner ad emphasizes living in the moment by streaming different real-time statistics, weather, sports and even playable mini-games into the pint-sized unit. Building awareness for the main Web site and the overall brand, a three week run of the banner resulted in 700,000 visits and almost 340 million impressions.


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners: Christian Haas, Creative; Aaron Dietz, Art Director; Mandy Dietz, Copywriter; Franklin Tipton, Group Creative Director; Margaret McLaughlin, Senior Interactive Producer; Tena Goy, Producer; Derek Richmond, Executive Producer; Teymoor Ghashghai, Interactive Producer. EyeWonder: Adam Smith, Sales Director; Canaan Schladale-Zink, Sales Director; Jill Kramer, Campaign Team Lead; Lindsay Dukes, Campaign Manager; Rooth Blackman, Campaign Manager; Meng Zhu, Director of Creative Technologies; Mike Kellogg, Programmer, Facefaceface, and KC Austin, Programmer, Bzor. 

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