Dailey - Intuit, TurboTax Twitter/Google Banner Ad

Intuit, TurboTax Twitter/Google Banner Ad
Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

Seeing an opportunity, as the Web's social media allegiance switched from Facebook to Twitter, Intuit entered the fray with a TurboTax Twitter ad. The banner, born of a partnership with Google and Twitter, soothed tax-time anxiety by streaming dynamic, real-time feedback to consumer questions about taxes straight from the TurboTax Twitter page. The goal was to recruit the social media audience, and enthusiasts responded in droves, resulting in a 69% increase in Turbo Tax Twitter followers over a two-week period.


Dailey: Nick Collier, Vice President, Interactive Creative Director; Jason Simon, Vice President, Director of Interactive Services; Eric White, Associate Creative Director; Rebecca Arnal, Vice President, Management Supervisor; Alice Choi, Program Manager. Intuit: Seth Greenberg, Director, Online Advertising and Internet Media; Brian Hovis, Online Advertising Manager; Christine Morrison, Social Media Marketing Manager; Cheryl Hassoldt, Group Marketing Manager.

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