Tribal DDB - Mountain Dew Voltage, "Be a Power Player"

Tribal DDB
Mountain Dew Voltage, "Be a Power Player"
Finalist Contest/Promotion/Sweepstakes

Tribal DDB's "Be a Power Player" invited their target audience - teens - to play games, earn sweepstakes points and win free stuff - just by clicking. Links to social media sites heightened brand awareness among friends, and promoted their favorite flash games, straddling the line between pure pitch and fun. "Power Player" successfully encouraged users to replay, as more than 541K interactions were logged over a four-month period - 67% by return visitors.


Tribal DDB: Stephanie Hancock, Assistant Project Manager; Zebediah Cockrell, Web Developer; Darrell Loden, Associate Creative Director; Monty Browne, Senior Art Director; John Jaeger, Senior Copywriter; Ryan Kite, Senior Project Manager; Beth Palmer, Senior Account Manager; JP Nissenberg, Management Supervisor; Jenn Racek, Application Developer; Roshan Bhakta, Interactive Developer. 

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