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Finalist Social: Campaign

Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff is afraid of flying. To get over it, he spent an entire month living on AirTran. He slept in overhead bins, did unmentionables with baby wipes, and documented all of it through Flickr photos, Twitter updates, Facebook activity, YouTube, his blog, and Myspace. Mark even nabbed himself a Guinness World Record along the way. The campaign generated over 83 million media impressions. The social activity attracted impressive media attention, with Aspen videos featured on MSNBC, CBS Early Show, CNN, Yahoo! Homepage, Huffington Post, NPR and Boston Globe. The campaign grabbed 150,000 Web site views, 114,000 Flickr views, and 11,000 Facebook fan page visits, as well.


Aspen Marketing Services: Timothy Hanlon, Executive Vice President; Albertina Rizzo, Account Supervisor; Heather Dueitt, Account Executive; Joe Pickett, Editor, Comedian; Mark Malkoff, comedian/main character; Samantha Johnson, Director of Marketing. AirTran Airways: Jared Kirschner, Marketing Manager; Tom Whited, Manager, Aircraft Routing; Tad Hutcheson. VP of Marketing and Sales; Alyssa Pincus, Account Director; Candy Johnson-Eich; Director of Development, Greg Asman, Director of Web Analytics.

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