Isobar - Reebok

Finalist Retail

Reebok uses its intriguing new Jukari workout - a trapeze-type exercise created in partnership with Cirque de Soleil - as a way to relaunch its women's apparel site. But even women who will never fly the air can watch how the apparel actually performs. There are viewing demonstration videos, as well as the ability for visitors to navigate around the instructors for a full range of views and motions after the thorough demo.


Isobar: Sasha Grujicic, Strategy Lead; Paul Pantzer, Program Lead; Scott Cleversey, Global Account Lead. Molecular: Al Divenuti, Technical Lead; Eniola Oluwole, User Experience Lead; Patrick Heath, Acting Tech Lead; Sam Bisbee, RDP Flash Integration Lead. Mindblossom: Dan Branco, Account Manager; Navinder Biln, Lead Flash Developer; Neil Onsdorff, Project Manager; Tomas Lin, Developer; Zain Rahman, Developer; Saqib Aleem, .Net Developer, Senior Architect; Bryan Fullerton, Hosting Lead. Carat: Eugene Buono, Creative Director; Giancarlo Pisani, Art Director; Katerina Martchouk, Copywriter; Tyler Bahl, Kit Casey, OLA; Ryan Duda, Designer/Producer; Michelle Grimaldi, Account Manager; Kim Ryan, Producer, Jukari Photo Shoot; Keith Lusby, Global Media Account Lead; Ted Roberts, Motion Director. Hypermedia: Diana Dubko, Magdalena Szczukiewicz, Localization Management.

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