Catapult Action-Biased Marketing - Mars Petcare, US / PEDIGREE®

Catapult Action-Biased Marketing
Mars Petcare, US / PEDIGREE®

Finalist Retail

It's no surprise that Catapult's Super Bowl promotion propelled Pedigree to its highest dollar sales and volume gains ever - every facet of the Web site spoke to dog lovers with just the right touch of game-day gaiety, while still harnessing the heart-tugging mission of its adoption drive.  Whether it's the "meals donated" counter on the landing page, the user-generated mosaic ads, the excellent search and content features for those looking to adopt Mr. Goodbark, the iPhone app for your dog's bark, or the hilarious Super Bowl ads, all beautifully reinforce Pedigree's brand essence: Dogs rule.


Catapult: Heather Huffnagle, Management Supervisor; Rich Magalik, Creative Director; Rob Kurfehs, Senior Art Director; Brian Garofalo, Web Designer; Neil Needleman, Copywriter; Andrew Ganat, Designer Direct/Interactive Devices; Brandon Fitzpatrick, Interactive Developer; Justine Pujo, Senior Producer.

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