Media Buys: DDS, Cabletelevision Report Big e-Business Increases

Michael Donovan of DDS

There is continued growth for electronic transactions in the TV industry with cable TV networks. A system from Donovan Data Systems and Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau -- eBusiness -- has seen a sevenfold increase since its launch in June.

More than 3,000 transactions have been made through DDS Electronic Cable Changes for national cable TV inventory. Monthly transactions went to 1,460 as of Sept. 17, rising from 240 in June.

Media agency executives have long complained about mounting paperwork in making TV transactions -- both with cable TV networks and broadcast stations.

Cable networks using the system include A&E Television Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Networks and MTV Networks. Another electronic system from Management Science Associates Inc. to access the DDS hub has been used for BET, GSN, Lifetime and NFL Network.



"This seamless integration is having a significant impact on agency efficiency, especially in discrepancy resolution and by eliminating input and transcription errors," says Michael Donovan, DDS chairman, in a release.

"As the first agency network to process electronic cable changes through DDS, we are happy to be part of the continued improvements to optimize transactions with our media partners," noted Kris Magel, executive vice president and director of national broadcast at Initiative, in the same release.

Other electronic TV efforts have been rapidly building as well.

The Television Bureau of Advertising ePort system for broadcast stations has made $300 million worth of deals. Some 30,000 orders have made since ePort's launch in 2008, with some 110 agencies/advertisers to 930 TV stations.

Mediabank, a competitor to Donovan Data Systems, uses its O|X platform for the ePort system.

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