Smucker's Gives Away 20K Coupons In One Morning


In another example of the power of free coupons combined with the Internet word of mouth, the J.M. Smucker Company launched an online promotion offering 20,000 coupons for free four-packs of Smucker's Uncrustables Sandwiches this morning, and the coupons were gone within hours.

The promotion stated that the offer was valid through Oct. 30, or while supplies lasted. "We weren't sure how fast this would happen-we were certainly surprised at just how fast word of mouth travels," noted a spokesperson for Smucker.

The giveaway was positioned as helping busy moms provide their kids and the whole family with a wholesome, satisfying and convenient snack.

The first 20,000 adults to go online (, register and submit an "after-school organizational tip" were eligible for the coupons. "We're letting consumers know that they can still go in and submit tips," even though the coupons aren't available anymore, said the PR representative.



The promotion's premise is based on a survey of 1,520 moms (84% with kids under 14) conducted for Smucker through, a nationwide network of mom influencers, bloggers and grassroots community organizers. The survey found that 68% of moms feel stress or pressure "when trying to prepare wholesome snacks for their children."

In terms of influencing snack purchases, nutritional balance was the factor most cited by mothers (39%), followed by their children's preferences (25%) and cost (11%). However, 43% acknowledged that they usually serve cookies or chips as after-school snacks, and 32% reported using restaurant drive-throughs one to two times per week.

The promotion also looks to raise awareness that there are now seven Uncrustables varieties, including two new PB&J varieties that are on whole wheat bread (one with grape jelly, one with strawberry jam).

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