Flo TV Launches Dedicated Mobile Network

FLO TV Personal TV devicew

Taking the mobile marketplace more in hand, mobile television packager Flo TV is launching its own personal TV device for consumers, and its own dedicated network.

The mobile TV device -- FLO TV Personal Television -- can deliver live and time-shifted programming via the Flo TV mobile TV service, which is similar to service the company offers via existing mobile telecommunications providers.

The retail price for the unit -- which measures 3 inches by 4.4 inches by 0.5 inches, weighing just over 5 ounces -- and the first six months of subscription service will be $249.99. After that, a separate monthly service subscription fee will be charged.

Units and services can be bought from retailers such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, and Radio Shack.

Flo TV says the service is available through a "dedicated multicast network," one where high-quality video and audio can be obtained in real time without streaming, buffering or downloads.



Flo TV is a subsidiary of San Diego-based Qualcomm Communications and its existing service resembles traditional television -- one that is simulcast with a traditional TV signal, running on a UHF broadcast signal and available to consumers with Flo-chip-enabled mobile phones.

Many of the content providers on Flo Tv's existing mobile TV service will be available for its new mobile TV device. This includes Adult Swim Mobile, CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go and Nickelodeon.

Flo TV does note that programming may differ depending on distribution platform -- also that the service is not available everywhere.

The company's current mobile TV service is available in 68 markets nationwide on major mobile carriers -- AT&T's Mobile TV and on Verizon Wireless' V CAST Mobile TV. Some of its providers include CBS, Fox, MTV Networks and NBC Universal, and ESPN.

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  1. Jonathan Mirow from BroadbandVideo, Inc., November 16, 2009 at 1:24 p.m.

    MSN TV, AOL TV, Akimbo, etc. etc. Another proprietary box / platfrom delivering the same stuff we can get on TV...I'll reserve a spot in the "Proprietary Gardget Hall of Fame - Ancient History Room". The internet is the new network, TCP/IP enabled devices are the new TVs and the platform is open. Am I really supposed to carry a phone AND this thing? Nah....

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