Mintel Predicts 2010's Trendy Flavors

  • November 18, 2009
Cardamom and sweet potatoes will lead the list of trendy flavors employed in food products next year, according to Mintel.

The research firm expects the intensely aromatic Indian spice cardamom to crop up not just in ethnic fare, but many kinds of foods. Example: Cosmic Chocolate recently launched a chocolate bar flavored with cardamom and oranges.

Sweet potatoes will become "the new functional food" because of their high fiber, beta carotene and Vitamins C and B6 content and their preparation versatility (they can be candied, fried, baked or boiled), according to Mintel.

Other key flavors in the year ahead will include hibiscus (expected to become a common ingredient in beverages beyond tea, now that the USDA has said that it can help lower blood pressure); cupuacu (the "next big superfruit," offering more than 10 vitamins and antioxidants); rose water (becoming a common flavor in ethnic foods); and Latin herbs and spices such as cilantro.

On the scent front, "simple, clean" fragrances will dominate products ranging from body lotions to dish detergents and air fresheners, Mintel predicts. Scents that help reduce stress by eliciting memories of pleasant experiences such as vacations (piña colada) and the holidays (pumpkin spice) are also expected to be popular.-Karlene Lukovitz



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