Westinghouse Ads Highlight Its Technological Edge


Westinghouse Digital Electronics is stressing the power-saving benefits of its Greenvue HDTVs as part of a larger corporate branding campaign to run on CBS televisions throughout the holiday season.

"We're going into the selling season and we wanted to reframe the Westinghouse brand," Rey Roque, vice president of marketing at Westinghouse Digital Electronics, tells Marketing Daily. "The Westinghouse brand has always represented the best technology for the best value. We feel the new TV campaign is going to drive that message home for the holidays."

The commercials, which the company is projecting will reach more than 55 million consumers, will run in 15-second and 5-second versions. The 15-second versions feature the televisions as part of the wide variety of products Westinghouse makes (including HVAC systems and other home appliances), while the 5-second versions carry a more product-specific message focused on the energy savings.

"Our television commercials remind consumers that they can have the best in technology while being green compliant," Roque says. "When you see all of these [products] together, it's drawing on the Westinghouse pull of reliability. You may already have Westinghouse products in your house, so it may not be such a leap to buy a Westinghouse TV."

With the broadcast commercials, Westinghouse is trying to reach consumers over 18 in markets such as New York, Los Angleles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta and San Francisco. The spot will also be shown at 700 gas stations around the country as part of the PumpTop TV network.

"The Greenvue [benefits] are fleshed out more on the PumpTop TV," Roque says. "We have more space and more time there."

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