Out to Launch

Honda launched two TV spots promoting the Honda Accord Crosstour, dubbed an alternative option in the SUV/CUV realm. Both spots use pronounced polygonal animation and rhythmic music to demonstrate how Crosstour "fits, without fitting in." Equipment for activities ranging from white water rafting, playing Frisbee with your dog and stargazing fold neatly into "Boxes" that fit inside a Crosstour. Watch it here. "Instruments" large and small are transported from gigs via Crosstour, while "Fever" plays in the background. See it here. RPA created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Say your wife blatantly hints that your anniversary's around the corner or your colleague asks if you've read a recently sent email. Now, you can buy your wife flowers and read said colleague's email while on the phone with them. That's the gist of the first of two demo ads for Apple's iPhone. Users can place their caller on hold, make a purchase or check email, then return to the call. Watch it here. The next ad shows an iPhone owner talking to a friend who's unable to look up movie times or directions to the theatre. See it here. TBWA/Media Arts Lab created the campaign and handled the media buy.



There's no app that's equivalent to a vacation in the Florida Keys. And that's a good thing. The Monroe County Tourist Development Council launched a 30-second spot that resembles an iPhone, "There's an app for that," spot. This time around, however, as pictures of pristine water, canoeing, scuba diving, sunsets and fresh seafood dinner are flipped through with an index finger, a voiceover says, "There's no app for this. Real experiences are always worth more. So unplug and reconnect in the Florida Keys & Key West." Take that, Apple! Watch the ad here, created by Tinsley Advertising.

But how will Mrs. Claus explain the carrot, sticks and coal? Well, the coal is hers for being naughty... A picture of Santa Claus gets turned down, while Mrs. Claus gets turned on... by Frosty the Snowman, in an ad for Boost Mobile. The latest ad in the company's "Unwrong'd" campaign features a reindeer seeing Mrs. Claus in bed with a snowman while Santa is busy working. "What. You think this is wrong? Santa's busy and I have needs," explains Mrs. Claus in the ad promoting Boost Mobile's $50 unlimited monthly plan. Santa returns earlier than planned, so Mrs. Claus takes the hairdryer out to remove most of the evidence. The spot, seen here, begins airing today on MTV, FX, ESPN, SPIKE, VH1, and USA. 180LA created the campaign.

Mammoth Mountain launched a print campaign entitled "Birds of Mammoth." The birds are not what you'd expect. Birds descriptively showcased include skiers, snowboarders and a Horizon airplane, the newest bird flying at Mammoth. Look out for the "California Winged Cougar," "Naked Pale Aler," "Spotted Chickadee" and "Black Diamondback," among others. The ad, seen here, will run throughout Northern and Southern California. David&Goliath created the ad.

My favorite part of this ad is Neil Patrick Harris yelling, "Out of my way, freak," to a green dinosaur. Motorola launched "Valley," an ad promoting its Cliq phone that's equipped with Motoblur. Multiple email accounts, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds merge together in one place, allowing the user to select what's important in a herd of information. The character in the spot sorts through a slew of incoming information and chooses the girl as his main priority. See the ad here, created by Ogilvy New York and edited by Tim Hardy of Cut + Run/NY.

T-Mobile's myTouch 3G campaign is all about you and the ability to individually customize phones. The latest ad premiered during the American Music Awards and stars Wyclef Jean, Avril Lavigne and Brad Paisley, musicians with different tastes. Jean keeps a picture of his daughter close by; Lavigne scrolls through her music collection and Paisley watches a performance of himself interacting with fans. Watch the ad here, created by Publicis in the West.

The Illinois Lottery launched a holiday ad that encourages people to "Joy Someone" by giving others a holiday scratch-off ticket. And by others, I mean "the guy who took away your futon, the man who shampooed and conditioned your carpet, plus the butcher who sliced your beef paper-thin." These unexpected lyrics are sung to the classic holiday song, "Joy to the World." See the ad here, created by Energy BBDO Chicago and directed by Aaron Ruell of Biscuit Filmworks.

Random iPhone App of the week: Like Guinness? Not in Ireland? This app is for you. The brand launched Guinness Pub Finder, an app that allows U.S. residents to "Locate a Pint" using GPS to draw them to the closest pubs serving Guinness. The app provides the name, address and telephone number of the selected pub chosen, access to directions, and a prepared email to send to friends. The app includes access to games, quizzes and "Know Your Pint," a tutorial on the six steps to creating the perfect pint. KICK Design created the $1.99 app, available here.

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