Eyeblaster Partners With Dentsu On MediaMind

With a focus on consumer engagement rather than Web traffic, Eyeblaster has partnered with Dentsu America on its recently launched ad-serving service for agencies and advertisers. The MediaMind by Eyeblaster service was designed to look beyond clicks and demonstrate actual online advertising effectiveness through engagement metrics, according to Scott Daly, EVP and executive media director at Dentsu America.

"Instead of relying on the quantity of clicks generated, we aim to show our advertisers campaign performance based on engagement," said Daly. "MediaMind takes into account the many variables associated from getting a campaign live to measurement and post campaign analysis."

The partners point to recent research from eMarketer, which shows that in North America, expandable banners had only a 0.3% click-through rate, but show a 7.1% "dwell rate" -- or the percentage of users exposed to an ad who interact with it with their cursors -- and an average user "dwell time" of more than 45 seconds.



Added Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at Eyeblaster: "True engagement cannot be measured by clicks alone, which is too often the case in our industry."

As a company rooted in the world of rich media, Eyeblaster has more recently secured its position as an independent ad-serving platform through deals with heavyweights like GroupM's MediaCom this summer.

Dentsu, which is easily the largest ad agency in Japan -- the world's second-largest ad market after the U.S. -- has spent a good deal of time rearranging its assets over the past several years. Most recently, at the end of 2007, it acquired digital and design shop Attik, the San Francisco-based shop perhaps best known for launching Toyota's Scion brand stateside in 2003.

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  1. Jonathan Mirow from BroadbandVideo, Inc., December 21, 2009 at 1:15 p.m.

    Thus the shift begins from CPM to audience quality. Would you rather have a billion people who don't care about your product or a few thousand who actually do? Easy for me to answer - but I'm not some agency guy.

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