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Calgon Rebrands Bath And Body Care Line


Calgon is planning a "total" rebranding effort in 2010, including new packaging, logo, product extensions and a new marketing campaign.

The rebranding reinforces the brand's heritage in the bath category with fresh imagery. The new Calgon products will be on shelves beginning in March.

For decades, Calgon has been known for its "Calgon, take me away" tagline. In order to reinvigorate the brand, Calgon will relaunch with a more "vibrant" message of "confidence and escape" with new packaging designs that showcase vivid colors, bold imagery and sensual landscapes, according to the Annapolis, Md.-based company's marketing executives.

The logo has also been redesigned, including the replacement of the "o" in Calgon with a botanical flower and new script-style font for the words "take me away."

The rebranding effort for Calgon is driven by Ilex Capital Group, which acquired the business in November 2008 from Ascendia Brands. Ilex has hired New York-based Alliance Agency as their full service communications agency.



There will be additional updates and a reskining of the Calgon Web site in 2010 to reflect the rebranding, says Alliance Development Director Courtney Jacobs.

"We have not yet officially announced our media mix, but will be concentrating on PR, events, sponsorships, seeding and traditional media buys," Jacobs tells Marketing Daily. " We will also be launching an integration with TLC's 'Beauty Spaces' in early 2010 and a 'Bathtub Makeover' sweepstakes on the Web site to support the segment."

Calgon has freshened the packaging for its most popular product, moisturizing bath beads, which will be offered in a cylinder container in addition to its traditional box. The repackage addresses consumer requests for a more modern, luxurious bath experience.

More than 30 new products will be introduced, including mineral salts, Epsom salts, bubble baths and bath fizzy sets. In addition, Calgon will also extend its specialty bath offerings to include new fragrances and new formulas such as a "2-in-1" shower gel and foaming bath.

Calgon is sold at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Albertsons and Fred Meyer among other national retailers. Calgon products can also be found at

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