HBO Debuts iPhone App

HBO app

HBO has launched an iPhone app that allows viewing of video clips and links with social-networking sites.

The pay channel also said it is making available the ability to scan program schedules and create alerts to remind fans when certain shows are on. In addition, a sync permits purchasing of full-length episodes -- on iTunes and -- and a game.

The ability to view program schedules on the HBO app can be customized based on where a person lives. Alison Moore, vice president of brand strategy, labeled it as "a key entertainment resource for our consumers" in a statement.

Canadian company Atimi Software developed the free function.

The opportunity to share-to-social involves Facebook and Twitter, where users can post information from the app viewable by contacts on those sites.

Scott Michaels of Atimi stated that the development process involved a focus on HBO brand attributes including "engaging experiences, and a high level of polish for the end-user experience.

"When you have content as engaging as HBO, and with such high production standards, it becomes clear that the app needs to reflect the same level of quality," he added.



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