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Don't let your dryers see this ad. Reebok launched a great TV and online campaign promoting its Speedwick training apparel. The ad stars NHL phenom Sidney Crosby, his teammate Maxime Talbot and a dryer that's seen better days. Crosby takes Talbot to his hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, showing off the basement where he practiced shooting pucks into a net. The pucks that missed usually hit the dryer, evident from the countless dings left behind. But it still works! Find out the brand and cross-promote. The teammates take turns shooting pucks into the dryer. The first to get 9 wins. The ad closes with Talbot leading 3-1 and directing viewers to Reebok's NHL Facebook fan page to see who wins. The long-form version of the ad contains snippets from Crosby's parents, his childhood coach and the game winner. Watch the teaser ad here and the long-form ad here. Gotham created the campaign.



 I have found my new favorite ESPN "This is SportsCenter" ad. This one is up there with my 2005 fave starring Lance Armstrong as the energy supplier to ESPN Headquarters. When Armstrong stops pedaling, electricity goes off. I can't believe this 15-second nugget wasn't made sooner. The ad stars Arnold Palmer making himself an Arnold Palmer. It's that simple. Watch it here. Another SportsCenter ad stars the University of Oregon's duck mascot stuck working at his desk, while other ducks (the real kind) are floating in the water. See the ad here. Wieden + Kennedy New York created the ads.

The Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched a TV spot where the world pays homage to an everyday woman who didn't get behind the wheel following a night of drinking. The Pope and Dalai Lama congratulate Rachel, and the family whose lives she saved by not driving buzzed, emerges to honor her. More than extreme to drive home this action, but maybe it's what it takes to keep buzzed drivers off the road. "Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving," concludes the ad, seen here and created by Mullen.

Burt's Bees Canada created a series of traveling installations throughout Toronto and Vancouver that demonstrate how products put on the body are absorbed into the body. One display does not bode well for ladies who lick their lipstick-covered lips. A transparent "Torso" is filled with body lotion, posing the question, "How many litres of body lotion will be absorbed into your system in a lifetime?" The torso promotes Burt's Bees Body Lotions. See it here. A dinner plate contains a large block of lipstick in another installation asking passersby, "Are you hungry? How much lipstick will you eat in your lifetime?" "Baby Bottle" is an eight-foot bottle made from bottles of lotions, ointments and powders. "How much of what you put on your baby ends up in your baby," reads copy, shown here. Zig created the installation.

Breckenridge Brewery launched a quirky TV spot that takes a swipe at its larger competitor, Coors beer. A Breckenridge brewer, standing near a stream in the snow-capped Rockies, states that its Lucky U IPA beer is "brewed with real Colorado water." That's a well-placed swipe against Coors, whose packaging says it's "brewed with 100%Rocky Mountain water for a legendary taste." Our brewer then points to the stream and says: "Well, not this water. Do you know what bears do in here?" See the ad here. Cultivator Advertising & Design created the campaign and KDVR, Denver handled the media buy.

DDB Auckland created an ad that brings viewers up-close and personal news coverage from the West Bank in a spot promoting SKY TV's 5 channels of news coverage. Shootouts erupt and Molotov cocktails are thrown as those participating in the warfare read news reports. "Violence erupted in the West Bank Tuesday as Palestinians protested Israel's latest offensive," says a man before he throws a Molotov cocktail. The spot ends with: "Let the news speak for itself. Five channels of unbiased news." Watch it here. Über Content directed the spot, edited by Arcade Edit.

If you get too heated, you just might pop. The Kernel Family learned this lesson the hard way in an animated spot for Pop Secret, the brand's first ad featuring the Kernel Family. A trip to Grandma's house, which is shaped like a Pop Secret box, unearths a secret: Grandma's favorite movie is "The Dark Knight." Grandma showcases her dead-on impression of Batman, only to be challenged by her grandson. The two trade Batman quotes until Grandma pops... into a nice fluffy piece of popcorn. See the ad here, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Nathan Love, an animation studio, created the Kernel Family

Adidas Basketball launched a Web spot that pairs NBA players Derrick Rose and Kevin Garnett for a "Lesson In Style." Both players school the other on how to wear adidas. A trip down memory lane takes place for both, showing different styles of the sneaker to be worn on or off-court. There's even some good-natured trash talk, but that's expected between rivals. Watch the ad here, created by 180 Los Angeles.

Random iPhone App of the week: Electronic Arts launched Tee Shot Live, an app that allows users to track their real-life golf performance, attain round-changing golf course info and share said info with fellow golf enthusiasts around the world. Users can upload data from more than 9,000 community-maintained golf courses, track their scores and calculate handicaps. Off the golf course, users can access the EA SPORTS Tee Shot Live Web site to store stats and scorecards, organize custom groups and events and upload, review and compare golf equipment. The app costs $9.99 in the App Store.

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