TV Product Placement Delivers For '24'

Jack Bauer and daughter Kim

Product placement and in-content brand exposure in TV programming continues to be a stable media platform for many marketers -- especially in big-season premieres.

For example, in the season start of "24," Apple Computer and Pontiac each received over $250,000 in media value.

For Apple, this came from 12 total exposures, which Front Row Marketing, a sponsorship analysis company, said came to $292,800. For Pontiac, with some seven video and one audio references, this value came to $256,200.

This analysis would roughly make sense with many brand sponsorship valuations of the past -- especially for TV network shows -- which on average cost marketers around $300,000.

Critics point out, however, these media evaluations are only one part of the puzzle. So-called "engagement" factors in these deals are also key, including where consumers are pushed to action, such as getting on a company's Web site for information or actually buying products.

The Kiefer Sutherland-starring show "24" premiered on Fox on Jan. 17. Now in its eighth season, the four-hour premiere episode ran over two nights.

Front Row said three other big consumer brands also gained major media exposure during the "24" premiere: Ford, Chevy, and Sprint.



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  1. John Speck from Times Record, January 20, 2010 at 10:49 a.m.

    Pontiac product placement would hardly be beneficial, since the brand no longer exists - maybe that's why GM is in such sad shape!

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