Rubbermaid Taps Customers For Feedback

Rubbermaid/Reviews and Ratings Sweepstakes

Rubbermaid is using customer product reviews to improve and develop new products. The Atlanta-based company shares review content weekly across all brand managers to show which features are a hit with consumers and which need a little more work.

Rubbermaid recently tapped customer ratings and reviews in the design process for a new line of sink mats. The new mats received a wide range of reviews on the site, including feedback on materials, size, and durability. The brand manager who was launching the mats used the comments to influence the end product design.

Following the launch of the new sink mat, Rubbermaid reached out to customers who had previously posted a negative review to offer a sample of the new sink mat that had been redesigned based on their feedback. The response from these customers was overwhelmingly positive about the Rubbermaid approach and brand.



To encourage more reader reviews, the company is holding a reviews and ratings sweepstakes through Feb. 28. Six winners will receive an "Easy Find Lids" 20-piece food storage set.

Analysis of reviews of the company's "Produce Saver" food storage containers revealed that some consumers did not understand how to use the product properly. Rubbermaid added use and care instructions to its Web site, dramatically increasing the average star rating. In a similar instance, Rubbermaid changed the product copy on an outdoor shed to include information on ordering accessories through customer service after reviewers consistently said they didn't know how to buy these extras.

Rubbermaid has been assisted by Austin, Texas-based Bazaarvoice's social commerce platform with ratings and reviews to listen and respond to customers in a systematic and high-impact manner since July 2008.

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