OOH Sports Viewing On Rise


One in five persons who watched the recent NFL playoff games did so away from their homes, according to recent Arbitron Portable People Meter results.

Arbitron says its 30,0000-plus sample size represents the largest away-from-home football study in TV history. Overall, Arbitron's ARB-TV uses 52,000 panelists across 29 markets.

The out-of-home viewing looked at two CBS games -- Baltimore Ravens-Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets-San Diego Chargers -- for all adults 18 years and older. The numbers are higher when looking at men 18-34, where one in four watched away from home.

For the Ravens-Colts game on Jan. 16, the estimate had the game receiving a 14.9 viewer rating in those 29 markets, with an 11.8 rating coming from in-home screening, and a 3.0 rating coming from away-from-home. This OOH viewing represented 20.3% of all viewing and 25.5% of the in-home viewing.



For the Jets-Chargers game on Jan. 17, the total viewer rating was 19.4 in 29 markets -- a 15.2 rating from in-home and 4.1 rating from away-from-home. This represented 21.4% of the overall total and 27.2% of the in-home rating.

Away-from-home viewing among men 18-34 added 42% to the in-home viewing audience for the Ravens-Colts game and 39% for the Jets-Chargers game.

Sports programming is one specific area where TV programmers say viewers tend to watch out of their homes: in bars, restaurants or other people's homes.

TV programmers have complained that lack of these sports ratings have hindered their ability to sell more advertising. Analysts say out-of-home viewing has been an elusive part of overall TV viewing through the years. A portable people meter is a device that viewers carry with them; audio signals are picked up by the device. Later on, the viewing data is transferred for analysis.

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