thePlatform Seeks To Stay A Step Ahead Of Video Syndication Scrum With New Publishing System


ThePlatform, Comcast's white-label video publishing subsidiary, on Tuesday is expected to unveil a brand new video and media publishing system.

Named mpx Beta, the multi-screen video management platform includes a new console for managing video assets; streamlined processes to publish large video libraries across the Web, mobile devices, and set-top-boxes; and additional personalization features.

With mpx, Ian Blaine, co-founder and CEO of thePlatform, said he sought out to create a platform for the next generation of video publishers. "Our job is to anticipate and provide solutions that enable our customers to evolve their video businesses in the years ahead," he said.

While thePlatform faces many rivals -- including Brightcove, Veeple, PermissionTV, and Vimeo -- its biggest competition comes from the in-house platforms that publishers decide to build themselves.



Working in thePlatform's favor, therefore, is the increasingly complex syndication landscape, according to Marty Roberts, vice president of marketing for thePlatform.

"Media companies want the flexibility to integrate and test new technologies," said Roberts. "Our role is to make online video publishing a seamless process."

Founded in 2000, thePlatform services many top video syndicators, including the BBC, CNBC, PBS and Gannett (including USA Today).

About 80 companies now participate in thePlatform Framework, which spans the world of online video, including ad campaign management systems, ad sales networks, analytics and reporting, content delivery networks, content protection, media formats, transcoding engines, payment processors, syndication outlets, and video search.

Late last year, thePlatform was selected to manage and publish online video for the Big Ten Network -- a joint venture between Fox Cable Networks and subsidiaries of the Big Ten Conference, and a nationally distributed network dedicated to covering the collegiate conference.

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