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Analyst: iPad To Do Gangbusters

Thanks to strong pre-order rates, Apple's manufacturing partners now expect to ship 2.5 million iPads between March and May -- considerably more than the previous estimate of 750,000 -- according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. As a result, the device's suppliers are already increasing their build rates in expectation of the strong sales.

In addition, they're now forecasting shipments of 8-10 million iPads in calendar 2010 -- considerably more than prior expectations of about 5 million, Digital Daily notes. "Current Street consensus is for Apple to sell 3-4 million iPads, but Huberty figures the company will sell considerably more -- 6+ million iPads," writes the Wall Street Journal-owned blog. Writes Morgan Stanley's Huberty: "We continue to believe the market under-appreciates longer-term iPhone/iPad demand ... Negative investor sentiment on the iPad centers on the lack of a 'killer app' or new technology."



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