Vacationers Stay Connected To All Things Internet

  • May 26, 2010
No matter where vacationers migrate this summer, chances are slim that they will completely disconnect from digital media and communications.

Indeed, 72.2% travelers in 2010 say they accessed the Internet, email or social media sites while on their last vacation, according to a new study from ad network Burst Media.

That represents a significant jump from 2009, when three out of five -- 63.3% -- travelers admitted to using the Internet while on vacation.

Men are more likely to go online while away -- 76.2% -- than women -- 67.7%.

Men or women, why do vacationers go online? Keeping in touch with family and friends was the reason cited by 42.8% of men, and 52.7% of women used that excuse. Meanwhile, 27.3% of men -- and 31.6% of women -- said they went online to check out local destinations and entertainment. Among men, 33.1% said they used the Web to check news and sports sites, as compared to 23.7% of women. Finally, 22.3% of men and 17.6% of women said they needed to virtually check in at the office.--Gavin O'Malley



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