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Hyundai launched a pair of TV spots promoting its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup. Each ad illustrates the deep loyalty that runs inside soccer fans. Take "Baby's Name," for example. The ad shows vintage movie footage of a child's first birthday. The little girl kicks a soccer ball, then drops it into her sheet cake. Why do three people need so much cake? To fit the baby's entire name. She wasn't just named after one soccer player; she was named after an entire 1960s Liverpool team! Watch the ad here. One man takes his love for Portugal soccer to the grave in "Die Hard." Clad in Portugal's team colors, good luck prying that soccer ball from his cold, dead hands. See it here. The ad is causing a stir because the deceased man is wearing Portugal's colors while the bereaved son is speaking Brazilian Portuguese, determined by the man's accent. Innoceancreated the campaign, directed by Rocky Mortonof MJZ.



PlayStation has an official spokesman in Kevin Butler and an unofficial voice in Marcus Rivers. Marcus is young, snappy and looking to revamp the face of PlayStation with someone not wearing a clip-on tie. In "Marcus Meets Kevin," the pair trade one-liners until Kevin officially hires Marcus. Expect to see more of Marcus in upcoming ads. "Step your game up," closes the ad, seen here and created by Deutsch Los Angeles.

I can't buy that high school kids drive Volvos, even if the high schooler is Edward Cullen of "Twilight" fame. And half the movie's target audience isn't old enough to drive, meaning this ad was made for Twihard moms. The ad promotes next week's release of "Eclipse," the Volvo XC60 and, a Web site that leads users on an adventure to Edward Cullen's home. The person who gets there fastest has a chance to win a Volvo just like Edwards. The ad shows footage from "Eclipse" while describing things to look forward to in life: being kissed, desired, loved and missed. The unexpected parts of life, like werewolves and evil vampires named Victoria, are why you drive a Volvo. See it here. Arnold Worldwide Boston created the TV spot and Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam created the site.

Vitaminwater launched a brand campaign. One spot shows the important role the product plays when preparing for the "Eclipse" premiere. A teen with the face of an alarm clock camps outside six days prior to an "Eclipse" showing. Armed with a sleeping bag, tent, chair, movie posters and mini-fridge stocked with vitaminwater XXX, she's equipped to fight off free radicals... or "Victorias" if you want to speak "Twilight." See "Eclipse" here. LeBron James is the voiceover in "Extreme Health." James prefers simplicity when it comes to taking vitamins and antioxidants. He'd rather guzzle XXX vitaminwater than sleep in a hyperbaric chamber or perform hot yoga. Watch it here. Zambezi created the campaign and Starcom MediaVest Group handled the media buy.

Jeeplaunched "The Things We Make, Make Us," a TV spot promoting the 2011 Grand Cherokee. The premise is simple: hard work will be rewarded. The ad begins with the building of trains, skyscrapers, airplanes and cotton gins. "As a people, we do well when we make good things, and not so well when we don't," says the voiceover. Cue shots of the 2011 Grand Jeep Cherokee, whose design, inception and craftsmanship were all created in America. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Sony launched an amusing TV spot starring Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake to support its line of 3D TVs, launching later this month. In "2D," Manning and Timberlake tour Sony's 3D Technology Center, where 3D videogames and movies are crafted. The duo wears special 3D glasses, giving them an incredible view of Sony's offerings. The fatal mistake is made when Timberlake removes his 3D glasses, bringing him back to a 2D world, which pales in comparison to a 3D realm. He, Manning, and the entire 3D technology center turn into pieces of flat, lifeless cardboard, until the glasses are worn again. See the ad here, created by 180 Los Angeles.

I love Dr Pepper's latest tweak on its "Trust me, I'm a doctor" campaign. Former NFL defensive end Michael Strahan shows viewers his active, nonviolent lifestyle now that he's retired. He saves caterpillars, helps a man change a flat, drinks Dr Pepper and delivers pizza to his quarterback friend Donovan McNabb. The temptation is too great to pass up, leading Strahan to tackle McNabb at home, breaking a table in the process. Strahan closes the ad praising Dr Pepper and stating, "Trust me, I've sent people to the doctor." Watch "Sack" here, created by Deutsch Los Angeles.

TransUnion Interactive launched a trio of TV spots to promote, an interactive tool that organizes financial information into something easyily understandable. Wouldn't we all like to achieve financial Zen? A dragon made of interest rates devours a home in "Dragon." An onlooker watches the destruction and follows his path to, where he's surrounded by soothing water, trees and helpful financial advice. See it here. Hidden robots fiddle with your finances in "Peel Back." informs users about six secrets behind their credit scores. Watch it here. A man controls his money, and not the other way around, in "Fountain." He causes his penny to skim across a fountain and land into a child's hands, where it grows into a quarter. See it here. Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Random iPhone App of the week: el Jimador Tequila launched 100% Party Planner, a free app that helps users plan a party by offering drink recipes and party themes such as "Paloma Friday," "el Jimador Jam" and "Tequila Tailgate Kick Off." There's also a Google Maps-enabled product locator, informing users of locations that sell el Jimador. The app also includes a list of pick-up lines, Mexican toasts and a Cab Finder tool to ensure attendees get home safe. Draftfcb Chicago created the app, available in the App Store.

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