Out to Launch

Absolut Vodka created "Lemon Drop," a short film set for an online release this summer, starring Ali Larter in the title role. She's mostly sweet, loves the color yellow, and packs a sour punch, especially when her kittens are stolen. A teaser ad shows Lemon Drop meeting Johnny Thunderbird, a bad boy and potential cat thief. The duo play tennis, become acquainted and fight for the kitties. The teaser closes with Lemon Drop leaving with her cats while Thunderbird's house explodes. Look for Thunderbird right by the fireball. See the teaser here. TBWA/Chiat/Day New York created the campaign.

OFF! created a World Cup-themed nugget that accomplished what the majority of World Cup viewers only wished they could do: off the vuvuzelas. Those pesky horns sound like swarm of bees... for 90 consecutive minutes. The timely ad shows an aerial stadium view coupled with the constant sounds of vuvuzelas. A spray is heard, then silence, followed by the OFF! logo. See it here, created by Draftfcb Chicago.



Nike Football launched an in-store ad to promote its Elite Series of football boots. The ad uses World Cup athletes carved in stone, initially seen in Nike's "Write the Future" campaign. Their faces show a bevy of emotions -- excitement, anger and pain -- as four different Nike boots, each equipped with varying technologies, are displayed. Boot functions are explained as the collective sound of fans cheering plays in the background. "Fastest means greatest," closes the ad, shown here and directed by Psyop.

Old Spice man is on a boat. I swoon. More on that shortly. A quickie TV spot features Isaiah Mustafa in a boat, shirtless, with a romantic picnic basket filled with fruit, bread and cheese. His mustache is easily interchangeable with a clean-shaven look. See it here. A trio of print ads show Mustafa covered in bubbles and riding a motorcycle, atop a sudsy horse and channeling his inner lumberjack. See the ads here, here and here. I saved the best for last. Yesterday, Isaiah Mustafa answered fan questions with personalized videos. Why am I excited? Oh yeah, I got a personalized message. He said "I'm on a motorcycle," the line I was hoping he'd utter in his previous ad, along with other lines that involved wood, hot tubs and pizza. So I have a good-looking, shirtless man, flexing his pecs, talking about food and directing it all at me? This is why I swoon. Get out the phone book, Isaiah Mustafa. I'd watch you read it to me. See my personalized video here. Check out additional personalized videos via Old Spice's Twitter feed. Wieden + Kennedy Portland created the campaign.

Band music plays while humans in colored spandex suits frolic about to form pieces of fruit in a TV ad promoting McDonald's new line of smoothies. "Blend In" supports McCafe smoothies, in strawberry banana and wildberry flavors. Dancing strawberries, blueberries and grapes separate and scurry to a blender, eager to walk the plank to become smoothies. See the ad here, created by DDB Chicago.


Ever wanted to create your own virtual oil spill, minus the environmental and livelihood damage? Now you can with The site was created to raise awareness about the dangers of fossil fuels while educating visitors about clean energy. Visitors submit a URL to the site below the copy stating: "Note: This doesn't really harm other websites. We're not complete a**holes." The site becomes overrun with a black cloud of oil, until the entire screen goes dark. A quote appears at the end, along with links to donate, volunteer, share the site with a friend and sign a petition to hold big oil companies accountable for their actions. More than 19,000 signatures have been collected to date. Mark & Phil and Greener Media created the site.

ESPN launched "Cause It's Racing," a campaign for the network's coverage of NASCAR Sprint Cup races. "Invincible" serves as a tribute to the men of NASCAR who risk their lives on a regular basis to participate in a sport they love. The ad begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, while heat rises off the pavement. A car fire is extinguished, one vehicle scrapes against the wall, creating sparks, and another flips through the air. Why risk such damage? The checkered flag, for one... and "cause it's racing." See the ad here, created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

The Montana Meth Project launched four TV ads earlier this year to discourage people from experimenting with meth... not even once. The ads are graphic, gritty and difficult to watch. Each ad tells the story of a person's downward spiral following their meth addiction, and the friend that said nothing when learning of their pal's impending meth experiment. "Ben" went to the ER from meth-induced convulsions and smoked more following his release. He eventually hung himself when he couldn't quit. See it here. "Kevin" dropped out of school, used sharp objects to remove imaginary bugs from his body and now spends his days restrained to a bed. Watch it here. "Tracy" was fired from her job, robbed a house, sold her body and gave birth to a premature baby. See it here."Jessica" was a cheerleader who was raped by her dealer and subsequently forced her brother to smoke meth. Watch it here. Venables Bell and Partners created the campaign, directed by Wally Pfister of Independent Media Inc.

Random iPhone App of the week: Nigella Lawson and Random House launched the Nigella Quick Collection App, featuring exclusive recipes, video and unique audio elements. Users can add notes by text or voice, browse and search according to mood, and send dinner invitations using Facebook Connect or email. Each of the 70 recipes featured are presented in six steps or less, making preparation convenient. More than 40 minutes of audio and video content is available, ranging from tips, recipes and simple inspiration. AKQA created the app, available for $7.99 in the App Store.

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