Optimizing Funnel Conversions Becomes Next Step


Optimizing landing pages for higher conversion rates has become an obsession for Military Advantage CRM Manager Breanna Wigle. Maybe that's because signing on with SiteSpect last fall yields 70% more conversions today, especially in member registration. She's expecting the same results from optimizing the complete funnel for conversions by creating variations and steps throughout. That's next.

Understanding the complete funnel means Wigle can identify where customers drop off in the buying cycle and make adjustments on the site. It's important for marketers to know how consumers find the site and optimizes across the complete conversion process.

Military Advantage supports more than 10 million members with a variety of services such as discounts, information to advance their careers. On Tuesday, the company plans to release information on how it plans to use SiteSpect to test and target content with members to better understand their online behavior and discover preferences.



SiteSpect provides multivariate testing to help marketers determine what content will have the greatest impact on visitors' behavior. It optimizes a site's effectiveness by testing everything from forms to landing pages, layouts, variations of copy, different offers, photos, navigation elements, links and buttons, as well as various creative approaches and conversion funnels. No changes are made to the Web site being tested, such as HTML or programming code that drives a Web site.

Military.com has numerous channels for conversion and marketers need to track how creative pieces impact consumers who convert through the funnel. Not having to embed code in multiple pages allows marketers to make quick changes without going through release cycles. The site had originally relied on Google Optimizer, but company marketers quickly realized it worked best with one conversation point that follows the page, rather than many.

Wigle says military.com will integrate SiteSpect with Unica NetInsight for Web analytics, as well as a backend CRM system to see test how latent conversions perform. It will give marketers running the site insight into consumer behavior for a longer stretch of time. Marketers have also gained insights into conversions by segmenting the results after tests are run.

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