Integrated Online Campaign: Automotive: Critical Mass & TBWAChiatDay; Nissan Leaf, "Say Hello to My New Car"

Critical Mass & TBWAChiatDay
Nissan Leaf, "Say Hello to My New Car"


Integrated: Automotive: Critical Mass-Nissan

Nissan's web design team literally turned over a new leaf to help launch the automaker's first 100 percent all-electric car, the aptly named Nissan Leaf. The forward-thinking digital strategy seamlessly blends viral inducing social media options with online CRM features and a tablet-friendly homepage design that simply feels right for a new, eco-friendly brand whose target audience is "the new driver." To accomplish that, it first had to make visitors feel like "the new Web site user," and everything about the Leaf site - social feeds, personalized build/buy/drive tools, and its simple, relevant interface - are intended to convey that.

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