Nielsen: One-Quarter of Bilingual Hispanics Watch Spanish-Language TV


As the number of bilingual Hispanics increases, a notable percentage are still watching more than an hour a day of Spanish-language TV. Research from Nielsen shows that 24% of Hispanics who speak English mostly at home watch between one and three hours of TV a day broadcast in Spanish. 

On the flip side and heartening for Univision and Telemundo, the research found that 65% of Hispanics who speak Spanish mostly or exclusively at home are heavy TV users, watching three or more hours of TV a day.

Consumption of Spanish-language Internet sites among those speaking mostly or only English at home is significant: 23% spend between one and three hours on those sites a day, the research found. That group is likely to have broadband access at home.

While Nielsen did not provide breakdowns on broadband access, 49% of Spanish-only speakers have access to the Internet at home. The Leichtman Research Group last month found that 70%-plus of all homes subscribed to broadband.

Newspapers would seem to be a popular way to keep up with news from a so-called home country, and 51% of Hispanics who speak Spanish exclusively or primarily at home read a Spanish-language paper, for an hour or less a day.



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