Comcast Intensifies Blueprint For NBC, Cable Unity

A top Comcast executive said Wednesday the company has been strategizing "pretty feverishly" with NBC Universal on how the General Electric-controlled NBCU will become part of a Comcast-operated entity.

While part of the focus is linking Comcast programming, such as the Golf Channel, with NBCU's sports assets, much involves lower-profile "nuts and bolts," according to Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis.

The goal is to "unplug from General Electric and plug into Comcast," Angelakis said of a process that includes human resources, back-office systems and other "complex" integration issues. "We are on track, well under budget and our teams are executing very well there," Angelakis added at an investor event.

On the programming front, Comcast and NBCU are developing a "road map" for how the new NBCU will absorb the Golf Channel, regional sports networks, E! and other cable programming properties owned by Comcast. He said that seems to be moving smoothly.

A third area includes exploring ways for NBCU to capitalize on a link with the Comcast cable systems, which can include cross-promotion and ad-selling opportunities -- and in turn, how Comcast cable might benefit from new content to send through its pipes.



"What are the opportunities between the distribution and content sides of Comcast?" he said, citing "a whole variety of areas that we think have real upside for the combined entity."

Angelakis reiterated previous Comcast optimism that the would-be Comcast-NBCU joint venture, in which Comcast would control 51%, is on target for clearance by the government by Jan. 1. "All trains are leading to a year-end close."

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