Home Is Where The Pooch Is: Demo Houses Paired With Pet Adoption Drive

Get ready for a campaign that put a roof over the heads of prospective home buyers and shelter dogs.

Beginning last month in Brazil, Pedigree teamed up with Gafisa, a Brazilian real estate and construction company, to sell homes and get dogs adopted.

Potential buyers touring demo homes would also see distinct signs of a dog's presence: a doghouse, food bowl, water bowl, dog bed and toys were placed throughout each home.

Signs adjacent to pet accoutrements urged home buyers to expand their families. "Someone else wants to live here with you. Adopt a dog."

Sure, a sign or two might get a person to think twice about pet adoption, but the idea could be fleeting. So Gafisa, Pedigree and its agency Lew´Lara/TBWA took the campaign a step further by hosting a pet adoption fair directly outside the demo homes.

It's a lot harder to turn the idea of dog adoption down once you see a group of lovable animals waiting for a chance at being part of a family.

Since the campaign's launch 30 dogs have been adopted. Given this huge success, the campaign has no end date. There was no additional advertising to promote this initiative since Pedigree's adoption drive is already well-known in Brazil.

Interestingly enough, Gafisa said many visitors are viewing demo homes because of the pets and not for real estate. That's a positive twist I never saw coming.

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