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P&G Puts Marketing Spotlight On Newer Products

Ellen Byron reports that Procter & Gamble is kicking off a "Have you tried this yet?" campaign today aimed at convincing consumers to sample new products such as fabric-softening Bounce dryer bars, Charmin Sensitive toilet paper and Pringles Multigrain potato snacks. It's also opening a temporary store in New York City where people can try out products such as Olay anti-aging body wash and CoverGirl Clean foundation makeup.

"The bottom line is there's a lot of growth in North America to be had," says Melanie Healey, the 20-year P&G veteran and a native of Brazil who heads P&G's North American market and previously ran its global feminine-products and health-care business. "Our whole organization is focused on how we get more P&G households to carry more P&G products."

P&G has launched, which contains product information as well as video reviews by consumers. It also will place a coupon booklet in Sunday newspapers with more than $113 in discounts at the end of the month and is stepping up its product bundling efforts.



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