Arby's App Ties User Moods To Value Menu Items

  • October 25, 2010
A new Arby's Web/social media app enables users to tie their moods to illustrated characters and items on the chain's Value Menu, and view the moods of others across the Web.

The app, available through Arby's Facebook page, centers on 70's-era "Mr. Men" and "Little Miss Sunshine" characters. Users can choose one of the characters to express their current moods, then share these with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. Another function enables users to match the chosen character with Value Menu items that suit the mood portrayed.

A third function employs a proprietary code to scan Net blog comments, enabling users to see the collective "mood" at any given time. The app was created by Initiative's Innovations group.

Arby's Value Menu, offering a number of its signature items for prices starting at $1, debuted earlier this year. 

The QSR launched its first social media app, "Arby's Juniorize," in July. That app allows users to have the chain's icon, Arby's Junior, send pre-set or customized audio/video messages, or "morph" themselves or friends into personalized versions of the Junior character.




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