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SonySony's latest in-dash audio/video navigation system comes equipped with TomTom technology, allowing drivers to listen to music and find their final destinations. That's something to sing about. The brand launched two music videos that use driving directions as emotional lyrics. The rock ballad, by "GpyeS," sounds like an authentic love song, until one pays attention to the lyrics, giving directions through Los Angeles: "Drive north 6.1 miles. Then continue onto Highway 53 West. Towards Fresno. Take Exit 1A. You missed your turn. Recalculating Route, Recalculating Route." It's fantastic. Watch it here. The R&B video is similar to Beyonce's "Single Ladies," complete with three scantily clad women dancing in unison while giving directions throughout Chicago. See it here. 180LA created the videos.



KindleIt's not Thanksgiving yet, but that doesn't deter holiday ads from running. launched a pair of TV spots Monday for its $139 Kindle. "Zest" highlights the portability and versatility of Kindle, comparing it to the size of a paperback book, while easily transportable in a handbag or pants pocket. And if it gets dirty, your dog can lick it clean! Watch it here. In the next ad, seen here, Grandma can't keep track of all the book genres that interest her grandson, so she buy him a Kindle, letting him choose what to read and download first. The ads were created in-house and produced by Eyeball.

Mr. PeanutSince 1916, Mr. Peanut has never had a voice. Until now. And it's a famous one: Robert Downey Jr., who's also the voiceover for Nissan ads stateside. Planters launched its "Naturally Remarkable" campaign yesterday, giving viewers an inside look into Mr. Peanut's personal life. His top hat, cane and monocle remain part of his identity. The debut ad, seen here, takes place at Mr. Peanut's holiday party. An unexpected guest shows up: Richard the nutcracker. Cue to a hysterical close-up of Mr. Peanut's head, bandaged from a close encounter. Mr. Peanut turns his head; Richard makes his move, but Mr. Peanut expects this and shoves his cane inside Richard's mouth. Now, the party can safely continue. This ad is very precious and I can't wait for the next batch of ads. And check out this holiday card where Mr. Peanut sings "The Christmas Song." BEING New York, a spin-off of TBWA, created the campaign.  

M&M'sCanadians, be on the lookout for M&M's throughout Toronto. Specifically, Red, who's gone missing. The search begins on, where Canadians can use a version of Google Maps Street View API to look for three virtual Toronto locations where Red is hidden. Remaining M&M colors will seed clues to Red's location through Facebook on M&M'S Canadian fan page. A video posted on its Facebook page shows how Red went missing in action. It involves Yellow spilling water on a computer keyboard, causing Red to get sucked inside the computer. Watch it here. Canadians can also follow Red on Twitter to receive clues and discuss the search with others, using the hashtag #FindRed. Red will also be checking into Toronto locations using Foursquare. Wild postings throughout the city contain QR codes that release a community clue about Red when activated. With all these check-ins and clues, this should be one easy find. The grand-prize winner receives a red smart coupe for two. Proximity Canada created the campaign.

DVDSony Pictures Home Entertainment in Australia launched "The Great DVD Amnesty," an effort aimed to boost DVD sales throughout the holiday season. The program encourages consumers to turn in DVDs that no longer get watched and receive $5 per DVD. Of course, you have to buy a specially marked DVD to receive the $5. The ad packs numerous punches, each coming from spokesman Jean-Claude Van Damme. That's right, JCVD angrily hits a punching bag, getting his aggression out at feel-good, fluffy movies that hide in the back of most people's DVD collections. He's mad as hell and will not take it anymore. See it here. There's also a Web site to guide consumers through the DVD returning process, a wall of shame and a section to send a Van Damme-a-gram. iris Sydney created the campaign.  

T-PainT-Pain collaborated with Toshiba on its latest line of laptops. It probably wasn't the type of partnership he had in mind. The rapper met with Toshiba executives and gave a technical, passionate pitch, while holding a sandwich. Whenever he spoke, food would fly in his face and onto nearby laptops. The meeting left one woman with a bright idea: a wipeable keyboard. See a 60- and 30-second spot here and here. Goodness Mfg. created the ads.  

JackJack in the Box launched "Dentist," a lame ad starring Jack feeling the effects of laughing gas prior to having a tooth extracted. Jack is so loopy that he promises free tacos to everyone! So get down to a Jack in the Box on Nov.16 to receive two free tacos after 2 pm. Watch the ad here, created by Secret Weapon Marketing.


NissanTBWA/Toronto created this ad for Nissan Sentra SE-R earlier this year in an effort to increase interest for Nissan in Canada. "Drift" is a short film that follows a 1/10-scale model remote-control Sentra SE-R as it maneuvers through town. At first glimpse, viewers can't see that the car is a remote-control vehicle until it's shown from an aerial view. Then the mini vehicle races through leaves and nearly gets hit by a life-sized truck. The spot ends with the remote-control car driving atop a pizza box, through a doggie door, and parking beside an actual-sized model of itself. See it here.  

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