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A unique segment of active online users within the ranks of home cooks, labeled "Real Cooks," is constantly seeking new recipes, products and cooking techniques, according to's 2010 Food and Cooking Study.  The study also revealed that Real Cooks find online food and product advertisements that include printable coupons and nutritional value the most appealing.

 The study - conducted online in July - examined the online behaviors, attitudes and a priorities of Home Cooks overall, exploring how this group uses online resources for researching and preparing meals. Additionally, the study discovered what kinds of online grocery ads are most engaging for consumers.

 Evan Minskoff, vice president, marketing, the About Group, says "... Real Cooks are increasingly looking... to online advertisements in particular, to learn about new recipes and new products... (they) shop for groceries regularly, and frequently replenish cooking supplies... "

For online food advertisements, the most appealing grocery ads are ads with:

  •  Printable coupons, for 66% of respondents
  • Product information, ingredients, nutritional value for 62%
  • Sample product offers for 45%
  •  Printable recipes, shopping lists for 35%
  • Recipe videos for 7%

As a result of seeing packaged goods ads on

  • 40% of respondents clicked on the ad
  • 37% of respondents printed the coupon
  • 35% of respondents tried a new product for the first time
  • 35% of respondents purchased a new product for the first time
  • 33% of respondents did more research about the product
  • 28% of respondents searched for retail locations that carry the product

Nearly 40% of respondents cook every day. On average, Real Cooks prepare a variety of foods, ranging from quick and easy meals to comfort foods to healthy and nutritious foods from scratch five times a week. Benefits from this creative process, cited by Real Cooks, include a boost in self-esteem, opportunities for self-expression, a sense of community and connectedness to family and cultural traditions.

The top influencer for grocery purchases is "healthy ingredients," ranking higher than both taste and price. Additionally, while budget is a consideration, preferences for name brands are up 32% from one year ago.

Study results also revealed that Real Cooks actively use online resources to expand their repertoires and stretch their families' palates. More than half search for recipes once a week or more frequently. Seventy-one% of study respondents use a search engine to look for recipes, while 56% go directly to specific sites.

  Other findings include:

  • 63% of Real Cooks include foods and recipes they consider to be nutritious, low-carb, or low-calorie in their repertoires, a leading driver for cooking at home.
  • 50% of Real Cooks feel strongly that "nutrition is important, and preparing food is the best way to control that."
  • Real Cooks shop at four different types of stores, including supercenters, membership warehouses and health/natural foods stores.

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  1. Hart Weichselbaum from the planning practice, November 15, 2010 at 8:53 a.m.

    Nearly 40% of respondents cook every day? That makes them "real cooks"?

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